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rainbowgasoline's Journal

+:+ Rainbow Gasoline +:+
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Hi. Here's how this community works. You post ONE WORD ONLY. And, then people will reply with their thoughts on that topic.

For example, if you posted "Cheetos" I would reply "cheese is god" or something.


o1. Please, I'm begging you to make it clear for us what you're talking about. If you just say "Bush", I'd be wondering if you meant the band, the idiot, or pubes.
o2. No drama. Keep that in your own journal, please.
o3. Promote if you want to actually respond to messages, thx.
o4. If this community doesn't go well, this username is so badass I think I might use it for another journal. So, please try to keep it active<3
o5. Oh-kay, for you that don't know how to JOIN a community and not FRIEND it here's how you do it.

your mod: hencebetweenus

Promotion Banners:

If you would like to make some and like to use them post them and I will add them to the list on here. These are the only ones we have right now, use hem as you wish. Make sure you save them to your computer and upload them to a site such as www.photobucket.com and never say you made these (unless you actually did), I mean come on don't be rude. I spent time on these, time I should be using to study. I mean yeah they aren't the greatest but hey, they are something. Thnx.

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I used a layout code from a layout I had downloaded from free_stylin cause well I suck at that so I hope they don't mind.